Workplace dating

Plus, she was nervous about the age difference — she is 29; he is 25.

“I have to make sure I am not showing any favoritism,” Whitescarver said.

As they were leaving the game, a child rushed by them in tears.

It turned out the boy’s group from Farmville had unknowingly left him behind.

They located a police officer, who took over, but Pam Tyler insisted that they go to the police station with the child and stay until his father arrived, Jim Tyler said.“I am somewhat of his boss at work.

I definitely didn’t want to show interest immediately,” said Whitescarver, whose job as operations manager includes doling out leads that come in to the office’s dozen or so agents.

Joe Alexander denied the accusations.“The further removed employees are — being in different departments, not having to work together on a daily basis — the less concern there is about a conflict of interest from a business standpoint,” Weaver said.

He was a management trainee and a new Randolph-Macon College graduate when they met.

They worked together two or three years while dating and were married in 1976 before he left for another job.The workplace is often where you meet people,” said Amanda Michael Weaver, an attorney at Williams Mullen law firm.“I think workplace relationships are probably unavoidable.”But “when people have sexual interactions with co-workers, the concern is that when the conduct is not welcome anymore, the employer could be liable if the relationship turns sour and one party is still interested and pursuing the other. That could subject the employer to sexual harassment claims,” Weaver said.The are shown in a microbus converted into a showroom piece at West Broad Volkswagen.“What we see are the disasters ...when relationships end,” said Michael, who also writes a labor law column for the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Metro Business section.

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