Updating synonym

Let’s begin learning about managed resources by looking at a couple of examples provided by Solr for managing stop words and synonyms using a REST API.

After reading this section, you’ll be ready to dig into the details of how managed resources are implemented in Solr so you can start building your own implementation. This is an important concept in this framework — managed resources typically have configuration and data.

For the most part, the API for managing synonyms behaves similar to the API for stop words, except instead of working with a list of words, it uses a map, where the value for each entry in the map is a set of synonyms for a term.

It's a big enough pain to search the house for a dusty old dictionary to find a word's meaning, never mind tracking down that thesaurus you used once or twice in the past couple of decades to find a synonym.Solr will respond with status code 200 if the request is successful.Effectively, this action registers a new endpoint for a managed resource in the Rest Manager.PUT/POST is used to add terms to an existing list instead of replacing the list entirely.This is because it is more common to add a term to an existing list than it is to replace a list altogether, so the API favors the more common approach of incrementally adding terms especially since deleting individual terms is also supported.

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