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I consider myself to be pretty open-minded but, a line has to be drawn somewhere! Clutching at straws a bit but a friend of mine has had great sucess with role play/dress-up.

Maybe by taking on another role/character in the bedroom occasionally you could reach a solution that keeps you both happy.

The friends that went swinging have now stopped as it was destroying their relationship, they had some major issues with trust afterwards and nearly split up. I'm sure swinging works for some couples, I was forced into trying it with my ex (thats part of the reason hes now my ex) I hated it, he loved it and he became obsessed with it. He thinks I'm really pretty, loves my hair and teeth and I have the best personality out of all his friends wife but he can't help how he feels about weight. I was a size 14 when we met so never been slim but admittedly size 18 now and do feel uncomfortable.

even though at the time it was something they both wanted and enjoyed. OMG Pamela, you poor thing [smilie=013.gif] at your DH for speaking to you in that way.. I feel so angry on your behalf, what was he thinking.

So I'm not going to put him in that position by opening my trap in the first place.

Also as we are recovering from a near split I wouldn't want to rock the boat! Why don't you get your own back by going on a dating site, getting a photo of a gorgeous young lad and telling him he's going to be your first swinging partner - then watch his face lol!

I know I need to sort my weight out and get my confidence back which I'm determined to do this year as having no more kids so no excuses anymore. I've very open minded and don't mind my husband watching porn or suggesting different ways to spice up the bedroom but I couldn't face watching him with another woman and can't believe he'd be happy for me to be with another man. I spoke to him late last night and he said if I don't want to it's fine he would never do anything about it without me so part of me feels happy that he's confided in me about this and feels able to broach something so personal with me but the other half of me feels great offence that he's suggested as to me it's like having an affair. As always - never do anything you are not hapy with.

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What happens if either of you get attached to another couple? Could he ever be satisfied again when it comes to it just the 2 of you?Have you explained to your DH that this is how you feel?It sounds as though he's quite happy not to take things further which is great, but I think you have to keep the lines of communication open with him so as to ensure you don't become unhappy and suspicious in your marriage.Maybe if you're not interested you could come up with something different to try?Maybe arrange to meet in a hotel somewhere with you dressed up in a wig so you look completely different or try something else you've never done.

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