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We __________________(NOT/GET) tired of being together. Christmas, Easter, halfterm, and the jackpot — the summer holidays.Get your seats beforehand, either at the box-office or at the theatre itself. You’ll probably want to sit as near to the 7 ____ as possible.

EATEveryone nodded and at that point their amazing adventures __________________. Planes are considered to be the most __________________ means of transport but for some people airports can be a nightmare. How have your parent's jobs influenced your career choice? The schools' founder believes it reflects the reality of the growing digitisation of modern life but some teachers warn that not all aspects of teaching can be replicated by machine. Write a memo to your assistant Sara Williams: explaining why you will be away; letting her know the dates you will be away; saying what work she should do while you are away(preparing a sales report and arranging a meeting with Mr Carpenter from AYT Advertising). Do you often discuss your future career with your friends? Would you like to choose the same professions as any of your friends? The country has seven such "digital schools" already running, with another three planned by the end of 2013. BRITISH THEATRE The theatre has always been very strong in Britain. Christmas, Easter, halfterm, and the jackpot — the summer holidays. The economist (to study) consumers' behaviour in the service markets. The plant (to process) agricultural products, it (to manufacture) machines.

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