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A person in North Carolina has threatened to release nude photos of at least 16 teen girls if the girls did not send him more nude photos.

Fifteen of the girls attend Hough High School in Cornelius, North Carolina; the sixteenth graduated from Hough last year and is now a college freshman.

Q: My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost nine months now and have only gotten to third base. (This may mean dating someone for months or even years without ever having sex!

) If you enjoy hooking up and doing things other than sex, then keep doing that. A lot of people like to work up to sex by experiencing the other bases first.

Q: My boyfriend and have been talking about having sex, but I'm really nervous. A: Sex shouldn't hurt too much the first time, but it certainly can hurt a lot if you're not really ready for it.

Being nervous can cause you to clench up your muscles, and if you and your partner haven't worked up to intercourse by making out and touching each other a lot first, your body won't be aroused—and that can make things pretty uncomfortable.

I was really surprised and didn't expect him to do it, but I let him anyway. Vaginas are sensitive and need to be treated VERY gently.

While he was doing it, it started to hurt, so I told him to stop. More importantly, though, your boyfriend should not be surprising you like this. For some girls, there's no pain whatsoever; for others, sex can be uncomfortable.

But when you're really ready for it, you'll feel excited and safe…like the way you feel before a rollercoaster—good scared, not bad scared. A: Deciding to take any kind of sexual step should be a mutual decision — not something that you do just because your boyfriend wants to — so there is nothing wrong with taking things as slow as you need to.

According to a warrant obtained by WBTV, the person used Instagram to contact each victim. None of the girls currently enrolled in high school reported the threats to their police out of fear that their parents would learn about the situation.

He sent the girls nude photos that they had taken in the past and threatened to upload them to various sites if the girls didn't send him more photos on Kik. The college freshman contacted her university police, who opened an investigation."Reality really hit me and I was like, 'This could actually ruin my entire life,'" one of the victims told WSOC-TV.

There is no right or wrong here — it's all about how you feel comfortable.

And if you're worried about what your partner is going to think, know this: Being comfortable with your body is going to feel so much better than what your pubes look like.

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