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It quickly starts to feel very small, and once you’ve spent about a week on any dating app, you’ll start to see familiar faces everywhere you go.

You’re likely to run into paramours past at any given social event.

But all of the bad aspects of this city's dating pool are made up through good-ass stories.

Whether you want to feel better about your own dating life or crawl into a ball of despair, we had some of Philly's boys and girls share their worst anecdotes about dating in Philly to help you out during Valentine's Day this year.

We were driving to a party and his nose suddenly started gushing blood.He tried to play it off and was like, ‘Man, this sauce is really good,’ even though he had completely missed the sauce bowl. We could pay women in third world countries a dollar a day to produce it.’ I excused myself, forever.” -- “A friend of mine texted me from the hospital late at night.I told him I was thinking of enrolling in an online graduate program at Quinnipiac and he basically compared it to the University of Phoenix and talked down to me about it. Message loosely read, ‘at hospital with my date.’ I asked for more details and got back, ‘Well, he’s getting stitches on his dick.He then proceeded to show me photos of himself with 'some brown friends' he had recently made on a trip to Ireland to somehow prove his colorblindness.At that point, I knew I needed to tap out and stop trying to educate this guy.

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