Most intimidating police

As owners we have a duty to provide traditionally aggressive dogs with the attention and love necessary to mitigate their aggression.However, even a diligent training regime can sometimes prove fruitless.There was a time when they were considered to be the most dangerous dog in the world, especially following several attacks on small children in the mid-1990’s.Rottweilers are also the second most shot dog (10%) by police officers, according to a police report in NY Times from 2008: Recent history has proven that Rotts can be both gentle and sociable.The short list of most scary dogs that are also often labeled as aggressive breeds is oft discussed and pondered.Ask someone on the street which breed they would associate with being the most dangerous and you will likely hear some combination of the same four or five breeds.For most owners, what they really want is a scary looking dog – a dog that can keep strangers or unwanted guests away, regardless of their actual behavior.

We’re also starting with the most known suspect for these lists, as expected.

In this list of top most scary dogs, we will take a look at four of the most commonly discussed canine culprits.

It is important to consider the implications of owning a naturally aggressive dog specific to their breed.

Such behavior can often be attributed to lack of training, poor domestication, or ongoing inaction when our canine companion acts up.

Nonetheless, all dog breeds are different, and there are some dangerous and aggressive dog breeds that will often make the list of top most scary dogs.

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