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What many people don’t know is, all that time, Mia was also focused on humanitarian issues, and in October, 2008, she published her first book, , a collection of “visually stunning” narratives told through journals, stories and images, by refugees and displaced people from around the world.

The normally press-shy actress talked to After and opened up about working on is over, can you tell us what your overall experience was like?

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And I guess in many ways it made me simplify things a lot.What was your process in writing this and how did it all come together?I did about a year of research and I’ve always been a fan of graphic novels in general, and Joe Sacco who did the Ingushetia comic really was the reason why I included the comic portion of the book into each chapter.The stories, woven throughout the beautiful illustrations and the sometimes-disturbing photos, are a wake-up call to the atrocities that are occurring daily, but Kirshner excels at highlighting the humanity of her subjects.How did you get involved with Amnesty International?

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