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2017 Now through three years of a seven-year, 3 million contract, it's clear the Yankees aren't getting what they expected out of Ellsbury.The center fielder stayed healthy enough to play in 148 games and saw improvement across the board from a disappointing 2015 season, but his production was nowhere close to the level from his earlier years in Boston or even during his first year with New York in 2014.

Year 4 of the Ellsbury era played out very much like Years 1-3.

Now, don’t get me wrong, those 89 great plate appearances from August 26th to September 20th count. The Brett Gardner/Ellsbury tandem would be broken up atop the lineup. And for the first few weeks of the season, it was fine. By the end of the hot streak Ellsbury had raised his season batting line to .273/.361/.420 (110 w RC ). Ellsbury went 5-for-30 (.167) in his final eight games of the regular season, and with Hicks back from his second oblique injury, Ellsbury again found himself on the bench.

The Yankees signed Ellsbury hoping he and Gardner would form a dynamic one-two lineup punch with speed and sneaky power. The question was who would be demoted, the more productive Gardner or the more highly compensated Ellsbury? In a perfect world teams wouldn’t consider salary in making roster decisions, but they do. It was an uneven distribution — he started well enough, stunk in the middle, then got crazy hot — but it was the first time since his first season with the Yankees that Ellsbury was an above-average hitter that late into the season. It was Hicks, not Ellsbury, who played center field in the postseason. There were stretches throughout the season in which Ellsbury was dropped down into fourth outfielder duty, though the Hicks injury and the general day in, day out nature of the regular season meant he still played a few times a week. As things stand, the Yankees are deep in outfielders going into the 2017-18 offseason.

Jacoby Ellsbury resumes baseball activities Jacoby Ellsbury has resumed baseball-related activities, but he's yet to return to the field. Fantasy Impact Ellsbury has yet to make his debut, as he's dealt with a number of different injuries.

He's unlikely to take on a major role even when he's healthy given the other outfield options the Yankees have available.

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