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The current castle keep is a ferroconcrete reconstruction of 1966 and houses a museum about the castle's history and Karatsu ceramics.

The top floor offers views of the bay, the city and the pine grove.

Karatsu () is a coastal city in Saga Prefecture on Kyushu, about 50 kilometers west of Fukuoka.

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The Japan Rail Pass is valid between Meinohama Station and Karatsu, but not on the subway line section east of Meinohama.Rail pass holders will have to pay an additional 300 yen from Hakata Station.Central Karatsu has two railway stations: Karatsu Station and Nishi-Karatsu Station.Nanatsugama are a series of natural sea caves that were created by wave erosion.While the name implies seven (nanatsu) caves (kama), there are in fact more than that in the area.

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