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My family and friends describe me as loving, caring, friendly, honest, generous, warm and soft hearted, wald, self confident I'm also a very passionate, adventurous person.

I would LOVE to meet a GENTLEMAN who is passionate and adventurous also. I love to travel around the world learn different cultures.

The problem with most sites is that you have a hard time joining because of the character strings with no audible link, but somehow they say it's a site for the disabled. It doesn't matter is the person Iam dating is sighted or not, it's the person that matters.

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He must have a great sense of humour, classy, trendy, and fun to be with.

Either leave me a reply on this thread or send an email to jason at bitsonline dot us If you send me an email put Blind and Sighted Dating Site in the subject.

If I don't know who it is or where it came from the message will get deleted. I'm an African-american, 41 year old woman who is also vision impaired.

However, if any one is interested in posing ideas for features for such a site I'd be interested in taking them into consideration.

If I can get enough support for such a site I would be willing to create it.

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