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The si.\ty-year cycle of Jupiter 32 TABLE OF CONTENTS. 31 When the first month is intercalary 32 Differs in different tracts 32 ,, 53. List of Expunged Samvatsaras by different authorities. In process of time the scheme was widened, and in its present shape it embraces the whole of British India, receiving in that capacity the recognition of the Secretary of State for India. It is impossible to over-estimate the value of the work done by Dr. of this work, and had almost finished a large portion of them. Besides containing a full explanation of the Indian chronological system, with the necessary tables, the volume is enriched by a set of Tables of Eclipses most kindly sent to me by Dr. In the earher stages of my labours I had the advantage of receiving much support and assistance from Dr. Burgess (late Director-General of the Arch.-eological Survey of India) to whom I desire to express my sincere thanks. Schram, which renders it now for the first time easy for anyone to ascertain the incidence, in time and place, of every solar eclipse occurring in India during the past 1600 years, but while thus briefly noting his services in the cause of science, I cannot neglect this opportunity of expressing to him my gratitude for his kindness to myself. Turner, Savilian Professor of Astronomy at Oxford, to Professor Kiclhorn, CLE., of Gottingen, and to Professor Jacobi. The idea then occurred to me that by inserting the a, h, c figures (cols. Sewell had already worked out for the initial days of the luni-solar years, but had not proposed to print in full, and by adding some of Professor Jacobi's Tables published in the Indian Antiquary, not only could the exact moment of the beginning and end of all luni- solar tithis be calculated, but also the beginning and ending moments of the nakshatra, yoga, and karana for any day of any year; and again, that by giving the exact moment of the Mesha sankranti for each solar year the exact European equivalent for every solar date could also be determined. But I found it necessary to re-write this, and to add a quantity of new matter.

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Sewell worked out the true intercalations), and of the samvatsaras of the cycle of Jupiter were carried out by simple methods of my own. Sewell had prepared the rough draft of a treatise giving an account of the Hindu and Muhammadan systems of reckoning, and collecting much of the information now embodied in the Text.

True and mean time 19 Mean sun, mean moon, true and mean sunrise 19 „ 37.

Modern names of, derived from the nakshatras 24 Table shewing this derivation 25 ,, 45.

To find the nakshatra, yoga, and karana current on any date 64 Explanation of work for nakshatras and yogas 64 To convert a solar date into a luni-solar date, and vice versa .

(a) Conversion of a Hindu solar date into a date A.

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